There are a few myths about seeing a psychologist that I would like to dispel.
Changing your attitude will not change your situation
Athletes only require rigorous physical training, not mental training, to succeed
Psychologists are not as effective as psychiatrists
Hypnosis does not produce positive results
My Responses
"When you think negative thoughts, negative things happen.  It's important to train your brain to think positively." [from MD News]
"Athletes have a physical trainer who helps them prepare for the game, and I help train them to be at their peak performance mentally." [from MD News]
"We go through different exercises from positive affirmations to hypnosis sessions.  I developed a program called Spartan Mental Training." [from MD News].  
Through hypnosis, cognitive therapy, mental conditioning and relaxation techniques, Dr. Pappas and the Hartwood Wellness Center is helping clients and athletes improve their lives and performance.  Check out the video on the testimonial page to see some of those positive results.
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